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Our School must be seen as part of a wider community which includes parents, friends and neighbours, upon whose co-operation we depend. We feel that home-school contact is important if pupils are to obtain full benefit from their education.
If you wish to contact the School on any matter please write to, or phone, the Head of House or Senior Teacher concerned to make an appointment in case he or she is teaching or otherwise engaged. It is important for security reasons that parents do not just walk into school. All visitors should report to Reception first. If you wish to see the Headteacher, please ring and make an appointment at a mutually convenient time. Relatively routine matters should be referred to the Head of House first. Conversely, if serious problems present themselves at School, the Headteacher or Head of House will ask to see you. If this happens, the problem is serious and we ask for your full support in the interests of your child. The School Newsletter is sent out each half term to keep you informed on school matters.